Saturday, January 9, 2010

Uh oh. Slight weight reduction

Apparently Wren's pediatrician made a mistake on his weight percentile. He is actually 50th percentile for age 3. They had forgotten to enter in his last weight so put the current weight in the wrong age column. He's still doing great being utterly average.

We walked to the coffee shop with Laurie for lunch and I am now readying myself for grouting the window box. I am starting to feel I must get everything possible done with Bill and Judy still here. They are wonderfully handy in everything. There is nothing that has not been done or heard of.

Tonight we are going to Tara and Fred's for "Family Game Night" & pizza. Wren and Frost are excited. I think we will take along pictionary and not one of the more arcane favorites. Frost and I are really enjoying Smallworld which I gave Josh for Christmas.

I have also talked to Laurie about coming for Sunday Roast in February. Perhaps Itea and Courtney could come too - although that would necessitate a rather larger meat alternative.

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