Friday, January 8, 2010

3 Year Well-Child checkup

Wren had his annual visit to the pediatrician this morning. It was all good news.

In all things not cardiological he is a normal 3 year old.

Weight: 33.5lbs 70th percentile!!!!
Height: 38.5" 75th percentile.
Head: 85th percentile

He has normal eyesight and vision, liver is not enlarged, meets or surpasses all milestones and is a happy chappy.

I was encouraged to Make Friends with some other 3 Year Olds so he has his own friends and not just Frost's. This arose after Wren told Dr L that he liked to play Dungeons and Dragons with "my brother Frost and probably with my friend Alex."

She felt this was not typical play for a 3 year old but sounded fun.

After seeing the pediatrician he had two shots and was full of dread, pain and recrimination. When we returned to the car he asked tearfully whether the nurse had left "those prickles in my arm I think they are still there!"

I assured him they were not but when I lifted the bandaid to prove it he saw BLOOD so that was just as bad.

He is now having a late nap.

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Linda said...

Yay for the 70th percentile!! That is really awesome! Lydia is the same for height but ony the 35th for weight unfortunately. Too cute about leaving the pokes in, lol. :)