Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick version

Things went well at cardiology clinic. We had the shortest appointment yet - usually 2 hours but this time it was a bit over 1 hour and no EKG was needed.

The main point is that Wren's heart problems are stable. There has been a very slight increase in gradient over the aortic valve - like 44 to 47 but it could be measurement error. Being a bit jaded, I wish measurement error occurred in the improving direction but since it all looked as expected I was pleased.

He has three issues that we will watch. Any one could lead to surgery and Dr Lewin said it is just unclear or unknown which will change first. They are:
  • the mitral valve (mild, mod regurg),
  • sub-aortic stenosis (tunnel type, no significant turbulence but narrowed
  • aortic valve - stenotic, moderate.
Nobody knows how these will change but we remain stubbornly hopeful that he can make it till later childhood for a valve replacement if that turns out to be what he needs.

We ate dinner at Blue C and shared a mango mojito. Those things should grow on trees, really. The tree should be near cardiology clinic.

More later.

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