Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More from cardiology

Wren was very anxious about the clinic visit today. I am not sure whether it was due to his experience of getting shots at the doctor last week but he was teary and anxious going in. I explained that he could ask any doctor or nurse to stop if he was unhappy about something and must tell me if he was feeling worried so I could help.

Immediately, he said "I am feeling anxious." I asked him what he felt anxious about and he said he was worried about his snack. I reassured him I had snack and then he said he was anxious about going to the doctor.

Anyway, we survived. Once we entered the echo room and lay down to watch Thomas the Tank Engine Wren asked me to lie on the bed with him (as I used to do when he was a baby). I promptly fell asleep on the bed in the warm dark while I heard occasional Thomas music between episodes. Josh and Frost arrived toward the end of the echo which was good timing since Frost had nothing to do but ask questions in the dark and was trying to read Foxtrot by the light of the ultrasound dials.

One interested comment by Dr Lewin has made me feel better. Apparently by this age Wren should be symptomatic if his condition gets significantly worse. In other words, if he is completely asymptomatic there is a chance of relatively stable obstruction. I am not sure I believe this (I want to) but its good to start to think that I could observe any significant deterioration through outward signs.

Nurse Nancy (?) was very kind with Wren and explained how they do "arm hugs". Wren asked "but is it a BLOOD PRESSURE THING?" and she said "yes, but we call it 'arm hugs' because some kids are worried when we call it blood pressure."

They sang the alphabet song to count out how long the machine would take. Wren sang a lot more forcefully once the cuff was released.

About the leg pains which we think are scooter fatigue or growing pains, Dr Lewin agrees. However, he did investigate closely because children with coarcs can present with sore legs due to decreased circulation to the legs. He does not think that is the case for Wren because his arm-> leg pressures are within normal range and his coarc repair looks completely open. He complained of sore legs again this evening and we gave him Tylenol. He has grown 5cm in 6 months so 'growing pains' or at least some muscle aches are a good excuse.

Height: 38.5 inches (75th)
Weight: 15.1kg (67th percentile because they use a different chart to the ped who says hes 50th)
BP arm: 104/50
BP leg: 120/?

I can't recall anything else now. I am trying to read Siblings Without Rivalry but really want to read Regency romances. Its shameful, really. I know. When I read them I don't watch TV so its doing that vegetative thing with my brain. Still, the bathroom is doing well and I can now relax for a few months about cardiology.

Next appointment is in 6 months. Until then, hypnotize your child if they have to lie on a hospital gurney. Don't stand to attention if you hear the national anthem. Your hypnotized child may then leap off the gurney and FALL!


Mr.wheat said...

ok i was laughing at that very sign today!!!! i am so glad is apt went well! i never though to mention Izzy leg pains to her card!! She has them too maininy in her right leg. I did tell her othro who said it was growin pains. I am now thinking it may be due to her very flat feet. she slaps her poor feet on the floor while walking. we make sure she has good shoes and now remind her to wlak soft when I hear her feet smacking the gournd. she has complained a bit less but it seems too always be on her right foot.~ wyndi
steven is signed in so it says i'm wheat lol

Anna said...

Glad to hear all went well (and that Wren did not fall of the gurney).

Linda said...

Sounds like things went well for you, that is always a relief. I'm with you on the errors being better on the positive side, but that's life. That's great that he is so asymptomatic! :) I had a good laugh at the sign you posted too. ;)