Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dragging my feet

I think its time to break out the gift certificate I got for Christmas and have a day spa. I shall put on some sunglasses with palm trees and blue seas glued on them and lie around for a day in a big white robe. The reality is day after day with skies of gunmetal grey.

I mis-typed that as gunmental and I guess that sums it up.

I am getting S-A-D (seasonal affective disorder). Today, as I drove back home from the lighting store, having failed to find anything close to what I want for the kitchen/dining lights [but learning an important new term of desire "line voltage pendants" as opposed to low voltage ones] I was looking out from the Ship Canal bridge and the lines of hills of dark trees were carved by perspective yet seemed to move against each other and run from the distant hills, scarcely snow clad even in this month of usual cold. I wanted to keep on driving to get to one of them. If its dark and cold you may as well have snow, I think. You may as well have some excuse to have a fire and apathy.

We could also see Queen Anne - a fat warty whale of a hill hiding the Sound. It has a few radio towers stabbed in its back. Wren said "turn on your radio now because the sound will come out from the radio towers to our car." He always says that like he always wants to draw and pull apart the bionicles. I just wish he would play with a plush pooh bear or a train track for a change. He plays with the arsenal of an 8 year old despite the chasm of 5 years missing manual dexterity which he bridges with shrieks of "do it self".

Anyway, I can't recall the point of this blog post other than to say that we are considering a trip to South Africa this year. Well, PLANNING. I am trying to find a good time to be gone a month - our chickens deny this is possible - and summer is the obvious choice. August is better than June due to the world cup being in my hometown. Still, August is winter and right now the idea of leaving summer for winter is rather dull. However, August is a great month for game reserves and it is likely that we could stay at Umfolozi for a while which would be fun to show Josh and the kids the wild beasties without the bugs.

I shall have to get on to Dad and Ingrid to see whether they can get reservations. I confess that my need to escape is really imminent and I can't see myself surviving in situ until August. I am of half a mind to run off overnight with Wren somewhere with open skies and space. I have itchy feet.

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