Saturday, January 23, 2010

About Wren

Here are a few anecdotes about Wren this week:
  • Wren can eat an entire orange at one sitting. I cut them up into segments and he slowly and meticulously sucks and bites each piece. He puts the skins in "pretend compost heap" on the table. If you give him only a few segments he asks if there are more and more until the entire orange is cut up (I do this because I can't believe he will eat the whole orange!).
  • Wren changes his mind a lot. This morning he had a series of tantrums because he said he didn't want to help me fetch the paper but after I had fetched it he "changed my mind" and wanted to come. He didn't want to help me let out the chickens but when I returned he "changed my mind" and wanted to have done it. He wanted Os for breakfast but when I served them he "changed my mind" and wanted Cinnamon Life which was finished. Woe.
  • Wren scoots everywhere he can. He scoots from the car to the stairs. This morning we were early and there were tantrums so we went for a long detour on the way to the bus stop. At 8am we scooted around Ravenna-Eckstein park, Frost climbed and fell off the climbing frame, we met 8 dogs and scooted up two dead ends. It was fun.
  • Wren loves to draw. He loves to draw things around things you have drawn. He also likes to guess what you are drawing (even when he knows what this is). Josh realized that he is pretending to play Pictionary.
  • Wren is fascinated by the back massager I was given for Christmas.
  • Wren tells long stories about things that happened "when I was a girl." Here is one: when I was a girl like you I went to California and I saw a spider THIS LARGE. [I ask if it tried to eat him] No, I had a shield and a sword to 'tect me. There was a party of spiders and all the spiders were nice. And we sat by the tree and the stars and the moon came out and it was all nice." NOTE: This partly describes a memorable evening in Australia where we lay in the hammock and watched the moon come out. Stories start "when I was a little girl" because Granny told so many stories in this vein.
  • Wren remains afraid of the "mud goblins" I made up. I told him they live in the Ravenna Gorge and he imagines them in every puddle and tells them to STAY IN THERE and LISTEN TO ME.
  • Wren sings and plays the xylophone. He pretends to read music.

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