Sunday, December 27, 2009

Remembering many, remembering one

I always enjoy the day after Christmas. You don't have anything scheduled and you can subsist on leftovers. The kids play happily with the new toys and you can spend the whole day in your pajamas with very little chance anyone will come by and if they do they are likely to be people you feel like seeing in your pajamas anyway. Frost and Wren played well today and we took the scooters for a ride to the park (even though it required dressing.) I made Pho for dinner from leftover lamb roast and Frost went out for half the day with Alex.

Still, today is clouded with a bit of melancholy for me. Perhaps because I lived in Indonesia, grew up by the sea and respect it, I felt personally very moved and horrified by the 2004 tsunami. All my life I have had nightmares about big waves which approach from distant horizons while I am trapped against a sandbar, wall or eroded beach and cannot escape. As the news came out those 5 years ago I felt a real sense of the horror and watched for news of the areas affected.

Recently I've been using Youtube to rewatch those early videos taken by survivors and remembering the unimaginable force of the sea which simply rose up by 20 feet and came inland before sucking out again. I also saw a special featuring survivors. Many of them remain traumatized by their experiences and the loss of children, partners and others close to them.

Also, this morning I woke and checked Jack's blog. Jack is a boy who is almost a year older than Wren and also has Shone's Syndrome. You parents of heart kids will know the feeling of commonality with families whose children have a similar diagnosis. Jack and his family have been in Boston for 6 months during Jacks very difficult recovery from a bi-ventricular repair. He had been on the fontan route until his left ventricle and mitral valve were considered worth saving. Unfortunately, he had a series of complications which led to rounds of infection.

This morning I opened his blog to find he had died. It is very sad. My heart goes out to the family.

I know that life is mixed with joy and suffering and you can find both wherever you look carefully. Still, these many and this one are those I feel for at the moment.


Linda said...

I just read most of Jack's blog and am so heartbroken for his parents... Death is something we know we have to be aware of with our kids more than others, but it's hard to think about.

Shannon said...

Hi Linda
I feel the same. It was very hard reading it and must have been unimaginable living through it for all of them, even the doctors.

There were many days when I thought it was the end but he would pull through.

The whole story shows how important it is to get a good recovery going in the first week. It can be a long haul once there are many issues developing.

I wish I didn't dread these things myself :)

Hope you're well.


Chrissy said...

I don't know you, but I found your blog last year when it was suspected that my son had Shone's Syndrome while I was pregnant. Reading Wren's story has given me so much hope and inspiration. My son is 15 months old now, and has been through two heart surgeries. He's doing much better now. I just wanted to thank you for your blog and let you know that you've given hope to me when I was struggling with my son's surgeries. I don't have a blog for him, but I've been thinking about starting one.