Monday, December 28, 2009

Heepy Burfday to Moi

Its ironic that the thing many mothers want from their beloved families is for them to go away for just one hour. Its a very loving thought. We all know we would be more present, prepared and peaceful if we had a little time out and, try as you might, its hard to find someone (other than the stray grandparent) to take the kids OUT without you. We also know we would have a lot of fun in a house suddenly quiet enough to hear a fire crackle, to play classical music, to boil a kettle and make a cuppa while the water is still hot.

My beloveds have gone out to buy me a cake. Its blissful and I will love them more when they return.

Of course, its also ironic that I spend the time while they are out doing mundane tasks like cleaning the living room, rotating the laundry......

[ASIDE: While we are redesigning the bathroom environs, should we move the washer and dryer up from the basement? Its an option. How much is it worth to NOT carry loads of washing up and down the stairs? I am having trouble answering and I am not sure whether its my frugality, my concern for the various other uses of the large closet they could go in or just a self-deprecating sense that I am lazy to consider it. Do I need that exercise? [yes] Is it fun? [No] Is it likely to get worse as the kids get bigger and their clothes are smellier and heavier? [yes] Are they going to help more [slightly]. Would it be cool to have more storage upstairs for books/art/cleaning stuff/ games? [Yes] What would you do?]

and writing this blog.

Still, housework done alone to the crackle of the fire is strangely satisfying.

I have had a good birthday so far. We had a lovely walk to Vios for breakfast (Josh commented that if it were not my birthday we would be driving) and I slept in until 7am even though Wren was up from 5.30am. Josh looks okay but may fall asleep during Avatar 3-D this afternoon.

I am going to stop typing now. I can hear the keys clacking and that's a sign I could use the peace elsewhere.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday! :) Somehow in reading the previous post I missed this! Hope you had a great one! :)

hschinske said...

We have a laundry chute, which is lovely, but does mean we still have to lug the stuff back up.