Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday. In the morning Tara, Fred, Alex and Phoebe came over for a rather lavish brunch of smoked salmon, pancakes and roasted vegetables with a few rounds of coffee. We lounged around the house and then headed over to Laurie's in the early evening for a delicious dinner.

Wren and Frost sat at the kids table and we shared a most scrummy turkey cooked in a big turkey pot with a lid which made it most unusually moist. Here is Eric at the "ta-daaa" moment and next a picture of Laurie, Eric and I admiring it after it came out of the oven.

Frost would not eat turkey (he told me this evening that he is not a vegetarian but he only finds a few kinds of meat tasty and then only when there are few options WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND AND LEAVE ME ALONE!) This was because I served him some baked salmon for dinner and he was upset. I remain confused because he will eat a burger from time to time and teriyaki chicken because it has soy sauce on it. Hrmm. Here is Frost eating fluffy breadrolls - he wanted two. Wren eats everything including cranberry sauce and gravy.

This is the grownups table before we put it to use and made a bit of a mess of it.

I was utterly exhausted when we came home but still managed to watch the Best in Show of the dog show. Josh and I are considering buying a minature dachshund (because they are cute and it would fit through the cat door).

Wren was not asleep at 9.20pm. I went in and he said he had a sickness and it was sore "here" (his left chest). Nothing makes the parent of a heart kid more neurotic than a kid saying they have pain around their heart. After some prodding he said it was under his ribs and then was OK - he certainly shows no sign of weakness or misery so Josh says he should be fine. I have checked on him a number of times with maudlin fears and have googled chest pain. I think he is ok but between echos, how do you really know? Its enough to drive you to read detective novels.

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