Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yellow Leaves

Wren went to preschool this morning and had a fun time. He didn't even need to be really "brave" to stay on his own. He made a picture of a spiderweb using marbles dipped in white paint which he rolled around on a tray covered in dark blue paper. Then he glued a black spider t the web. He likes these a lot.

After preschool Wren likes to "go bagel shop" as he has done with Heather on many occasions. I used to be allowed to buy a bagel and leave but apparently HEATHER sits down so we have to sit down and eat his bagel and chocolate milk.

After bagel we walked around the neighborhood. Its a startlingly lovely day - the sky a vivid blue but the air chill enough to give you energy. The weather reminds me of England - that bright peppy sun and chill air of autumn.

Here, we can see some pictures from our walk:

The Sky, the sky.

The yellow tree.
Wren, looking UP UP

A short walk down the road we came across some other smaller trees which Wren wanted to "not climb I hang on". I lifted him up and then left him hanging while I took the picture. He was yelling "AAAAH" at this point. It was not more than a foot if he let go but he thought I he might be dangling over the Niagara Falls and hung on tight. I thought it was ok to let him hang a bit as payback for all the bossiness he has been displaying.


We went to the library before lunch but it wasn't open. Our local library is being remodeled and I find it very inconvenient. We are quite dependent on our library for new books. Perhaps I shall have time to go tomorrow. I am now the Librarian for our preschool class and am due to take out some books for classroom use before Thursday. The theme for October is Fall ad Families.

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