Monday, October 5, 2009

Imperious. Authoritarian. Almost 3.

Wren and I are playing blocks. I have finally woken up enough to build a little city of towers and battlements. As soon as I get absorbed by the game Wren says:
"Now put it away. It is too NATING."
"Do you mean frustrating?"
"NO NATING. You build the towering and they are TOO TOWERING so it is NATING and we are going to put it away."
"Ah, ok. Can I keep that one?" I ask, gesturing towards my favorite tower that has a nice red turret. Its on a slab of wood we got in Vancouver - the piece we call "dead bunny." The tower is pretty.
"No, they go in the box. I do it." He breaks them all down and dumps them in the slim cardboard box.
"You need to get them flat in the box or the lid won't fit."
"Well, lets see, if I put the lid on it does not shut now."
[another demonstration and a sleight of hand in which I flatten the offending blocks. The task is completed quietly.]
"Now we play candyland."
"Ok, first let me go and pee and I will come back."
[I try and re-enter the room which involves opening the door.]
"Do not open the door! I NEED to pee."
"But I am trying to come back in to play"
"I am doing it. I am coming out."
"Ok, I will come back in a minute."

It is 6.59am and I have been ordered about for 45 minutes already. I am feeling 'RATED and 'TATED and wondering where my compliant little toddler went to.

When I woke him in the morning Wren told me that last night Kitty Haiku visited him in the night and came to look at him and he thought she was a scary Halloween cat and so he hid his face in his soft toys and then she couldn't SEE him.

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