Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wild Monkey Swimming in Lego

Last weekend we went up to Moses Lake for a concert by the Dave Mathews Band. I've been missing out on writing and so I have a few pictures to tide the blog over until tomorrow when I hope to have time to speak about it.

Halloween is coming
Frost is very excited about Halloween. He is counting down till October 31st and has been nagging to look through the decorations downstairs. Last week I took him and Wren to Costume and Display which has a fabulous range of dress-ups and decorations. Wren was excited to try the weapons and the monkey mask. Frost bought a Pirate Costume which I will save till he wears it.

I am a Lego addict
While posting an item for sale on Craigslist I came across a man offering a large box of Lego for $15. It was too tempting to pass on so I called and happened to be the first one. We drove out to buy it this evening and the boys are very excited by it. I washed it in the bath because it was very sticky - as if a bottle of soda had been spilled on it. There were also many Mega Blocks mixed in which I shall have to sort out before they contaminate our collection.

Quick catchup:

1) Josh and I are enjoying watching Defying Gravity on ABC. Its a great new Sci-fi show.

2) After endless cogitation and indecision I have bought a MacBook Pro (new). I received an education discount which means I was given a free iPod Touch which I have passed on to Frost to listen to music in his room.

3) We stayed Saturday night in Moses Lake while I went to a DMB concert.

4) Its raining, a lot. The chickens hate it but I am enjoying drinking Caro all day and getting out my fleece PJs. I turned the furnace on but it didn't kick in because it is still too warm.

5) I have an appointment for biometric scanning tomorrow. Its part of my US citizenship application.

6) We are taking quotes from people who could help us remodel the bathroom.

7) Frost starts school this Wednesday. He is reading a lot and being lazy.

Till tomorrow.


nautilus said...

love the Lego bath......heaven for the kids...much love MUM

Shannon said...

Hi Mum
Yes, the kids love it. Honestly, they love the novelty of more Lego but I am not sure we need it.

I have noticed that Wren loves to build things with the Lego while Frost likes to play strategic games with his Lego minifigures.

This morning, Wren made a crane out of the new Lego. He loves cranes and everything that is long and moves becomes a crane at some time.

The new crane is small but moves thanks to a swivel block I inserted.

I am off to Homeland Security shortly for fingerprinting.