Friday, September 11, 2009

Frost's First Day in Third Grade

Yesterday Frost started at his new school. His old school was a small co-operative with less than 40 children in the first three grades. He graduated after 2nd grade. The best words to describe it are 'intimate', 'flexible', and 'rich'. His new school has 70 kids in 3rd grade alone (split over three classes). It is a traditional public school building with shiny floors and industrial paintwork. There is a big gym with yellow wood floors and doors which swing like a hospital.

Frost is one of 29 kids (17 boys and 12 girls) in his class. In his class he is one of only two new kids. He has a bus service - a yellow bus - which will take him from our neighborhood to school every morning and return him to the nearest cross-street at 4pm in the afternoon. I drove him in on his first day and found his class. He was given a nametag showing his class and teacher's name. Off he went.

He caught the schoolbus home and I met him at the corner. His first words when he got off the bus were "my first day of school was a nightmare". I think he was being dramatic because he had trouble finding his bus after school (he left his group which was being walked to the bus to find it himself and went to the wrong rank of buses). He asked for help and found another row of buses including his bus.

His complaints?
1) He didn't know anyone.
2) He didn't have a friend.
3) He didn't have anyone to play with at recess.
4) He didn't make any friends.
5) Everyone had a friend already.
6) They didn't do any work.
7) They had to listen all day.
8) He nearly missed the bus and was scared.
9) He felt sick and couldn't eat.
10) He forgot his water bottle in the classroom so he couldn't drink all day.

Ok, some of this is expected, some is wrong but I am sad. I emailed his teacher and she is looking out for him today and hopes to help him connect with some particular kids. I have the names of some boys he seems to like and if I can find their numbers or email we shall have to try the playdate route.

More this afternoon when we have the second installment of the school transition "nightmare".

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