Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Three and a Visit to the Zoo

Frost came off the bus today and said school was "good!"

They all discussed their favorite books and he has learned the names of 2 kids. One is Carter and one is Nelson. He is very pleased. He sat next to Nelson on the bus for two days in a row which made life seem predictable again. Plus, he discovered how to get to the restroom and it worked.

No additional drama.

Wren and I went to the zoo and saw the snakes, the bats, snow leopard cubs and the Australian birds.

This is my second iMovie. I am trying subtitles. I think movies in blogs are a bit of a cop out so I shan't be doing this for too long but its great for my family who live abroad and don't see us


Heather Jandusay said...

Loved the video, and the subtitles were very amusing!

tamusana said...

Great transition -- "Then Mum takes over" :-)

It's lovely to hear you in these little video snippets...

Seattle seems to be a world of endless opportunities for getting out into nature, or at least attracting nature to come to you (by holding out a delectable seed stick). Wren is obviously loving it! Our most exciting brush with local wildlife has been a hedgehog seen scurrying outside our house at night. Less exciting is the "fouine" (stone marten) that sets up camp in our roof and makes a racket and pulls out bits of insulation and leaves smelly pee and poo. Time for the animal control people to come again....