Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Apple Harvest

Last week Wren and I harvested all the ripe apples from our garden. We have two tiny apple trees espaliered to the side fence but they have produced a large number of apples. Here is Wren with the first bucket of apples.

We used Granny's old apple peeler to peel the apples. This peeler never worked well in on bought apples which are too large but it works very well on backyard apples. The kids didn't want to eat the apples but they sucked up the peel just as fast as they could make it.

Unfortunately the pictures of the peeler in action have not worked out but I shall post them anon.

Meanwhile here is the pie dish after the blueberry and apple pie was eaten. ALL GONE.

While I was typing I have to note the latest Wrenisms. This morning I took Frost to the orthodontist. When Wren senses that I am going out he panics and follows me around hoping to come with me. He almost always does. This morning I told him we were going to the orthodontist and he kept following me around saying:

"We going to the awful dentist now? Wren is going too?"
"Yes, you are coming with me to take Frost to the dentist."
"We going now?"
"No, soon. You need shoes on."
"We going awful dentist now?"
"Why do you call him the awful dentist?"
"Mummy call him it. AWFULdentist."
"Oh, I said ORTHOdontist not AWFUL dentist."
"OOOH, I think you said it."

Dr Koh has now been renamed The Awful Dentist (which he is not).

Frost's teeth are doing well. The lower teeth are now straight and we are waiting a few months for one of his upper incisors to come down before upper braces start. They will be in for about 3-4 months.

Another odd thing Wren does is pick up little phrases that he thinks are cool. For some strange reason he has taken to yelling "BUD LIGHT!" as he does something dramatic. Bowling in the bedroom? As he bowls he yells "BUD LIGHT". As he does a trick its "BUD LIGHT!"

Bud Light is a brand of beer. We do not drink it. This is a mystery even Frost cannot solve.

I made this Lego tank and the kids are all fighting over it. I am pleased. It took a scarce hour out of an evening when Wren went to bed early.

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