Sunday, August 30, 2009

Countdown to Brickcon '09 (and the legos going crazy)

Every couple of days Frost asks me how many days till Brickcon or how many days till Halloween. They are both in October and among the most anticipated days of his year. I bet he would pick Halloween over Christmas and Brickcon? Well, what can compare?

Frost's main goal in his savings is to have money to create a Lego army. He is building a "terrorist army" because they are the "Bad guys". Occasionally he plays that the bad guys are Hitler - his Jewish friends have told him stories about the bad things that happened under the Nazis so its very powerful to make a bad guy Hitler and I see Frost feels its a bit like saying F*ck. He looks around to see what will happen.

Anyway, the Terrorist Army [this is what you get growing up post September 11th) has taken over a tanker (what you get for reading the paper) and lines up along the edge with all their weaponry.

I have bought new storage for the lego and am shocked... genuinely shocked... at how much there is. I bought a large 4 drawer stacking bin and had to buy a second one and there are still about 3 drawers of overflow pieces. Our current storage is as follows:

1) Drawer for minifigures, horses and their equipment.
2) 1 drawer of grey / black castle and spaceship pieces.
3) 1 drawer of shrubbery, trees and green bases.
4) 1 drawer of Lego City (crane, boats, cars, signs)
5) 1 tub of BLUE blocks.
6) 1 small tub of white, 1 small tub of red.
7) 4 large drawers of mixed lego bits (including all of the above categories unsorted).

Joshua says he is not surprised because (by his wry estimate) we buy 1 pound of new lego per week (from thrift stores as well as new). While he vastly over-exaggerates there is definitely a pooling effect as no Lego is ever departs from our house. I am not sure what to do. To me, lego is an asset one does not let go. It is like potential energy. You store it up and it keeps well until you need to use it and then you may need any piece and you may need A LOT. How can you predict where imagination will take you?


Linda said...

I wish I'd known. When I recently went through the attic, I had 2 or 3 bins of sorted Legos, plus a couple of unopened boxes. I sold the whole lot for $10 at our yard sale. Jack went through a phase where he loved to build with them, but they'd been put away for a long time. They did get sold, however.

Shannon said...

Oh no! Linda. I dread the stories of Legos lost and missed. Once, I went to Value Village and saw someone put a big bag of lego into her cart. We were THAT CLOSE!

However, the core of our Lego collection was a large box of LEGO I bought at a yard sale when Frost was 6 months old. It was labelled UNCLE PETE'S LEGO and cost us $10. It was fabulous - wheels, gears, blocks.

Frankly, we have enough lego but as I said, can you ever have enough? Its like language. Who knows when you will need that word.