Sunday, January 18, 2009


Wren loves making art. He draws with an intensity and stamina which is a bit addictive. In the morning he won't eat breakfast unless he is drawing and Heather told me he stuffed his lunch is his mouth as quickly as he could when she said he could only draw "after lunch".

At bedtime he sat on the floor and wanted to draw on paper on top of the books I wanted to read. When I left him alone for a short while he drew all over the door. I shall try and scan a few of his pictures tomorrow. They are mostly long spindly line drawing of 'dinosaurs' and 'keletons' and 'scary halloweens' plus some 'untents' [elephants] and robots. Occasionally, he asks me to draw on the same page he is using and invariably puts on a sad voice and says "not draw on WREN'S ONE". Apparently I fail to see where his drawing is located.

Here is Wren painting at home. He is wearing an old apron of Frosts that I have had hanging around for ages. He only started wearing this since our visit to the Children's Museum on Friday.

Wren loved the glass frame painting and squeegeeing at the Children's Museum art room. He stood there for a long time painting and removing paint then repeating the process again. We shall go to the Children's Museum again just to use the glass painting area.

Wren also liked the easels. We do not have an easel at home but I should get one this summer.

Finally, Yesterday we made some cookies and squeezed chocolate chips into the lemon snickerdoodle cookie dough because they were not wicked enough without them. Today was SUNNY and we did some gardening. I walked to U-village and Frost went on a sleepover to Isaacs. I did not realize how much I missed the sun until I saw it again.

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