Friday, October 3, 2008

On the road again

We are extremely lucky to have a neighbor whose son is a couple of years older than Frost. Not only does Elias provide hours of entertainment as a playmate, he also provides piles of outgrown clothing which Frost later inhabits. In fact, he wears Elias's pajamas to school most days (btw, I wish I knew a baby about 8 months younger than Wren who could inherit all this good stuff he is too tall for, anyone?)

These neighbors are big cyclists - their 9 year old did half of the Seattle to Portland Bike ride this year. Well, when Frost was 3, Lauren gave us a childseat which attaches behind the rider on the bicycle so Frost could ride along with me. The bicycle that we used then is now dead and Frost did not use it for long, but last weekend Joshua attached the seat on his bike for Wren.

Wren LOVES it.

When I suggest we go for a walk he says "not 'roller, BIKE! Get 'elmet!" [not stroller, bicycle, get helmet]

Since then, we have been riding all over the place - to the point that I have sore legs and bottom. We have ridden to Whole Foods, the playground, Ravenna park, Greenlake. Its been great for Frost too because he can follow behind on his bicycle and ride safely on side streets. He rode with us to Alex's house and then right around Greenlake. Alex road with us all the way home.

I know the weather is closing in and we will not be able to do this for too much longer - the hybrid bike has thinner wheels than my old mountain bike and I feel cautious on wet roads without the usual traction - but I can see us riding the trails as a family and its a wonderful exciting thing for all of us.

Frost says "this is the best thing in the whole world" and "I think this is the longest ride of my life. Its the longest ride of my childhood. I am very good at riding now."

The only problem is that my old bicycle is broken and I am not sure whether we should buy another bike now, with winter coming, or rather wait for Spring. If we get a bicycle for me and a rack that attaches on the back or roof of the minivan that will make it easier for us to do trails out of town and go to more exciting places but I know that I get all excited about things and my excitement is not always matched by my ability to sustain them. So, watch this space.

Later, I will post a picture of him sleeping in the bike seat on the way home from Whole Foods.

NOTE: DR Krabill called but I missed her because my cellphone is flat. I am charging it and she is going to call back after this patient. I hope.

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