Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lego, apples and fast food

This evening I was cleaning the bathroom and found an entire roll of toilet paper in the bathroom rubbish, half of it was soggy. I mentioned my discovery to Frost who told me it was a bit embarrassing but he had been juggling toilet rolls while on the toilet and "the toilet seat is a bit small for me so there was a hole and it fell in." He reminded me of a Roald Dahl story I had told him and said it was "kind of like that." I left it at that but I had to add "juggling" to activities to do while on the loo.

This evening I helped represent our school at the Parentmap Education Fair while Josh took the kids home. We had a booth and a board and brochures and spoke to quite a few parents who are embarking on the quest for an appropriate school for their little one. When I came home the island was covered in fast food containers. I knew this was going to happen - I even suggested Josh "pick up dinner on the way" - I knew MacDonalds was a likely choice BUT I have to say that this is why I cannot die yet. I fear that if I died the family would live on Fast Food and watch TV all day on weekends. They would have icecream for breakfast and play truant from the dentist.

I ate a cold cheesburger for dinner because Frost's burger had cheese and "you know I don't like cheese but Joshua ordered me a cheeseburger so I had fries and chicken nuggest and Sprite for dinner." When I came home he asked for desert!

Apples Apples
This afternoon, Wren and I did some cleanup in the vegetable garden. Sadly, we found that the weekend windstorm had knocked over the chicken coop Joshua was constructing and the window we salvaged from the kitchen remodel was smashed. The small fig tree had been badly damaged by the falling window and I shall have to wait and see how it does.

While cleaning out the raspberry patch I found many fallen apples and even more ripe apples on the espalier. The apple trees we have are grafted so each level of the tree has a pair of branches with a different species of apple. The ones ripe now are Fuji - love pink-red and round. I am going to clean, peel and slice them tomorrow and make a few apple pies. Here are our apples (I have since thrown away the damaged one.)

Lego BrickCon
This weekend Frost, Wren and I went to Lego BrickCon, the annual Lego conference and display at the Seattle Center. Frost had the camera and was mesmerized by the huge armies, buildings, minifigure dioramas and battles. He kept asking how he could enter, how good or large a thing had to be. Next year we plan to enter as a family.

Even Wren enjoyed the show. He wanted to get closer and touch things, especially the diggers, big trucks and little guys. He held onto the flags with both hands and bounced them up and down.

At the end, Frost spent all his allowance on a set of custom weapons from Brickarms. He begged me to buy a vintage Lego fort called Legorado but just as I conceded I found my debit card had been eaten by the atm and I could not get the cash. He is now 'watching' sets of 'cowboys and indians' on ebay.

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