Friday, September 5, 2008

We will hear today

At 10.31am I missed a call from Dr L. I was running at Alki when the phone rang but it went to voicemail before I could fumble it out of the belt-clip I was using. Argh.

Here is the message:
"Hi its ML. Its Thursday Morning at 10.30 and I finally got the letter from Dr Hanley and have reviewed it and thought about it a bit and can have conversation with you whenever you are around. I am in a meeting from 11-12 but I shall try and give you call after that and if I don't reach you, perhaps later in the day.

You can reach me through Dina, on 9897XXXX, but again, I will be out form 11-12 but you can try me or I will call later."

So now we have some time to obsess. Obviously, Dr Hanley has suggested something different to Seattle Children's or he wouldn't have to "think about it." Right? But what? More? Less? Sooner? Later?

Anyway, check in later.

I have set my cellphone volume to HIGH and have removed it from the offending clip ;)

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