Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wren is in surgery

We are waiting in the Family Resource Center at Childrens. Wren went into the cath OR at 8am. The procedure should take 2 hours with 1 hour being the cath intervention and 1 hour going in and out of general anesthesia.

They allowed me to walk him into the OR and hold him until he was sedated with gas. I picked Root Beer flavor but when I kissed him bye bye the gas did not smell like root beer to me.

Nurse Amy from CICU is our nurse today. It was great to see a familiar face although everyone is a bit familiar after our last dry run.

This morning we spoke to Dr Jones regarding the likelihood of his doing the ballooning of the valve and arch. He seemed more circumspect about doing it that I had expected. He said that they will only intervene if the valve or coarc are the dominant factor in the LVOT and arch gradient. There are expected to be many components but it is not considered worth the risk of a ballooning for a minimal improvement.

He is going to call us during the procedure to let us know whether they are going ahead with a ballooning. If not, it should indicate that the sub-aortic area is the major issue.

They are also going to see whether the mitral valve is involved (terror in my heart). Surely, I hope not. The echo has not shown trouble in the past but I guess we need that confirmed.

More soon.

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