Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Archipelago of updates / Cath tomorrow

I have missed so many events to update on that I am about to give up on them. The main problem has been illness. Wren gave the stomach flu to Joshua and I and we have only just recovered our wits in time for Wren's cath tomorrow [we hope].

So, in brief:

1) Frost has started swimming lessons. They are half an hour daily and he needed some cajoling to get into the pool this morning. "I feel shy" he said. "All the other kids have friends here." I guess it looks like that when you see a crowd of children and you are not in the water. Afterwards, he was very proud to have done two dives on his own for the first time, in 9 foot of water.

2) After being ill, all I can stomach eating and preparing is bland food. Frost has had a number of meals of hotdog and Wren is eating lots of tortelini. Wren is at the stage where he repeats almost everything he hears, even if he has no clue what it means. In particular, the hotdog has proven a stumbling blog. He calls hotdogs "underdogs". Josh says "It is confusing that a maneuver on a swing and a long piece of meat can have the same name."

3) Much of the rest of my family was in Duban, South Africa this week at a Memorial ceremony for my Grandfather who passed away recently. He had emigrated from south Africa in old age but many of his friends and relatives remained in Swaziland and South Africa. I have yet to hear how it went but wish I could have been there.

4) It is very hot in Seattle and I am going to lie in the shade this afternoon, pack a bag for hospital, arrange a schedule for Frost while we are at Children's, pack Frost's bags and mop the house to clean up after days of sloth.

5) We went for a hike with KapKa families at Twin Falls near north bend. It was a hike we "won" at the auction and everyone enjoyed it except me when I was carrying Wren up a near vertical grade on slippery path above the waterfall (no, we were in no danger of falling in). Wren loved, L-O-V-E-D throwing pebbles into the river. Frost loved playing virtual D&D with Matthew along the path.

Naptime for Wren now.


Izabell said...

we will not be visiting you guys at the hospital tomorrow because Izzy now has a fever! I'm still taking her to her apt because her drs want me to get her in to him but we will be in and out (covering our trail with purell)with out visiting with anyone to prevent any farther illness. we will keep wren in our thoughts though the day and are hoping for a uneventful surgery and recovery. I hate taking Izzy to the hospital clinic sick but she has to go it took over a month for this apt and we had to fight hard to get it that soon! wyndi

Laura said...

Thinking of you tomorrow. Hope this one goes without a hitch.

Shannon said...

Wyndi, we will miss you. I am sorry Izzy is ill and totally understand the need and the angst in going while she is sick.

I hope the news is not alarming and you can get her home quickly, poor thing.

Shannon said...

We are also hoping this night of no nursing and early morning is not another practice.

I am starting to get nervous and over plan everything.

Laura said...

I can relate. I was nursing when my son had his coarct repair. My son wasn't waking early morning to nurse though (although he did normally nurse right away after waking). I was glad his surgery was the first one of the day. Good luck today! I'll be thinking of you and hoping your day is as stress free as it can be under the circumstances.