Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More humpy!

I ran into Frost at 4am having a pee in the bathroom. As I tucked him back in bed he said "can you pass my book?"

Wren was crying from the next room "Mama, muk, mama, muk" in a repetitive cycle so I had to give a persuasive and succinct explanation of the need for more sleep. It went something like this "go back to sleep. Now. Please."

He was suspicious and asked whether we were all going back to sleep. I insisted we were.

As it happened, Wren managed to sleep some more but I tossed and turned and found the new purple sheets too slippery, plagued by vague anxieties and flashbacks to living in other places and spaces and then the newspaper delivery thumped in the near distance and I gave up trying to sleep and sort of fell asleep. Anyhow, I wasn't too upset when Wren woke again at 5.30am and wanted to read the nursery rhyme book many times.

His favorite page is "humpy dumpy" - he likes to pull a little cord and make Humpy drop down to the ground. Humpy is velcro and has three parts which you can pull off when he 'falls'. After a few repetitions Wren had a crafty look and hid the pieces so I had to actually get up from the bed and hunt for them and got the giggles with his sophisticated cunning expression which made him do it again and again. I have had to ZIP up the nursery rhyme book or the pieces will be lost forever.

Last night our school had its back to school picnic. As registrar it is an exciting time to see everyone who has enrolled during spring and summer finally become part of the community. Frost has a school camp sleepover next week [although he assures me he is going home late at night instead of sleeping over] and some social activities and the school starts on September 9th.

David has been visiting from Cape Town and I shall be very sorry to see him go. He has a bigger view of the world than I do at the moment [trapped in America on the heart-surgery leash, I am very keen to visit my familial diaspora] and David has the added benefit of doing a mean foot massage [I had a look at a reflexology chart and have diagnosed myself with a sore adrenal spot on my foot. This is what my naturopath said a while ago and prescribed a licorice syryp which I will swig before coffee].

Okay, time for breakfast and coffee and licorice and cat feeding and all that fun stuff.

Frost is still asleep.

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