Saturday, August 30, 2008

David's Visit

Early this week my brother David came to visit us for a few nights. He lives in Cape Town and had never met Wren so I was very happy he managed to squeeze us into his NY trip.

It was a busy few days but we managed to squeeze in time to visit the newly opened Ravenna Eckstein Playground, for David to hit a few tennis balls to Frost and to teach him Fox and Geese on the chessboard. Frost was quite excited to 'play tennis' with David because he was a successful tennis professional on the tour circuit for many years and Frost is impressed by his fame. David won the French Open Doubles and still plays at invitationals although his main gig is now Commercial Property from his home in Cape Town, South Africa. Frost also enjoyed the visit very much. By the end of it he loved to hug David and wanted to talk to him all the time.

I don't have time to write much now but here are some pictures from the visit. Please excuse the formating. I can't figure it out right now.

David and the kids at Ravenna Playground. Wren is a bit distrustful as you can see in his expression.

David and Frost play fox and geese on a lego chessboard. This is on the soggy old sofa in the living room where I brush out the cache of crumbs most mornings.

Wren's little Playmobil people contemplate leaping from the table in one of our early morning games while everyone else is sleeping. Is this my exhaustion acting out? The other pictures are David, Wren and Wren & I. All pretty self explanatory - you can figure it out so I can go to bed, right?

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