Friday, August 29, 2008

The Bullet Point Version

  • I thought the cats had been licking the butter pat until I remembered that I'd rubbed the whole thing up and down a hot corn cob last night

  • Frost is building a tower of lego and Wren is serving 'wine', 'jewels' and 'coffee' in little Lego cups

  • I stub my toe on the metal step stool for the 100th time. Wren asks "Mummy OK? Mummy OK?

  • After a dinner time discussion in which I bemoan the length of time until my birthday and Joshua suggests we celebrate an International Holiday instead... I pick Owain Glyndwr Day on September 16th. "Owain was proclaimed Prince of Wales on September 16, 1400 after rebelling against English rule, is a key figure in Welsh history and was the last Welsh-born Prince of Wales." I hope to go out to dinner and receive an OGD gift of some Frye Boots

  • I wonder whether I can make a vegetarian lasagne out of leftovers and feta cheese. Or rather, IF I make such a creation will anyone, other than I, eat it.

  • Second to last day of swimming lessons today. With the FALL chill setting in weeks early its none too soon but Frost is very proud of his swimming 'graduation'.

  • Frost is going to the doctor today for his 7 year "well child" checkup [the phrase always galls at Wren's routine visits]. We are also going to talk about the socio-cultural vs biological origin of the ubiquitous tummy aches Frost gets. Is it allergy or opposition?

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