Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick update

Its Wednesday, I am tired already. I am trying not to get sick - its not anything serious but I have had painful sinus and ears for 2 days. Today Wren is grumpy - not acting sick really but his temperature was 100 when I took it, once. I doubt that is significant if not for the fact that I am feeling on the verge of something and he is seldom more than a day behind.

We had a new neighborhood cat visit us today and by chance met his owner who is a UW grad student and ... BABYSITTER! She suggested we call her if we ever need an evening babysitter. She lives over the back fence which would be super convenient.

I am feeling plump. I saw my reflection in a shop window and I had that bulge of flesh around the bra-strap on my back that signals "fatty" to my guilt.

I am contemplating a reactive dinner of salmon and vegetables to overcompensate for all the penne pasta in cream sauce that I nibbled on when Wren said "more muk NOW" instead.


How does the house get totally messed up in 24 hours. It was so pretty before Frost came home.

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Izabell said...

we hope your feeling better! score on the sitter:) good to have great neighbors:)