Friday, July 25, 2008

Can I freak out about not nursing?

Wren has his cath tomorrow. We check in at 7.15am and his procedure starts at 8.30am. Sedation is somewhere in between.

I have just received the instructions for food, milk and clear liquids. He cannot have any solids or milk including breastmilk after 12.30am. He can have water, apple-juice,pedialyte or 7-UP until 4.30am and nothing after that.

7-UP at 4am?
No nursing after midnight?


Wren is not going to like this at all. He nurses at least twice between midnight and 8am and does not like 7-UP, water, juice or anything in a bottle at 4am. I mean, if its hot and he is really thirsty he will drink it any way but not otherwise.

I guess we will work it out but the woman who called us was an automaton without any empathy which left me with a bad taste in my mouth (or ear, rather).

I had better go out and get some apple-juice/7-up or other clear liquid in case he wakes at 4am.


Andrea said...

I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow during the cath. I hope all goes well. And it is awful that they can't have anything good past midnight. I think the worst part though, is not even water in the morning before the procedure! Poor little babies.

Lindsay said...

Good luck tomorrow. I hope that he does okay with the no food, not all liquid thing. That is so hard. I feel for you. It is so scary when you have to sit and wait and think about what they might find. Hoping for the best.