Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick, Again

Wren has a low fever and is feeling miserable. He has a bit of a sniffle and and upset stomach. He is breathing a bit fast and grunts a bit although I think it is more from discomfit than difficulty breathing.

I hope it passes soon and no-one else succumbs to this latest virus.


Wyndi said...

i am sorry he is not feeling well and hope he gets better fast! you must be feeling very drained I hope that you are in heavy supply of coffee. If you need anything please call

KapKa School said...

Thanks Wyndi
I am tired but thankfully Wren slept really well the past two nights so I am just starting to feel sane again.

I am really hoping this isn't another serious illness. Its the anxiety and and him feeling really bad that is the worst. A bit of a bug just keeps us out of playgroup a bit longer.

Wyndi said...

I hope wren is feeling better today! Happy hearts day to your entire family!