Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Sleepeasy solution?

You know you are in over your head when you start taking parenting advice from the checkout dudes at Trader Joes. For those not in the area, Trader Joes is generally staffed by vegetarian college students with goatees. As I did the shopping this morning with Wren in tow, Russel and I got talking about the baby's elder brother and by a circuitous path, to how Frost has taken to calling me "you big idiot" in times of stress.

Russel's advice was "to thwammer him".

I am not going to follow this advice but it was interesting. In North Seattle we don't have the "hit or not hit" conversation, at least not among parents. Not parents are freer to have their own views without being suspected of abuse. I have never heard some advocate hitting a kid in years.

I also learned that Russel chews his fingernails but has to trim his thumnail, ate Fish when he visited Hawaii recently and thinks that parents should not value their influence on kids too highly because you want them to be "independent fully functioning adults".

Ho hum.

Wren is still not sleeping well but I have a book - the Sleepeasy solution - which I am going to read and implement in a week or so. Frost has gone to bed happy with thoughts of a little Star Wars lego set which arrived in the mail today. He didn't know we had ordered it for him and is full of the kind of joy that makes buying things for kids so rewarding.

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