Saturday, February 3, 2007

Vague Unease

Today is one of those days on which I wonder whether Wren's okay. He's just very sleepy - has only been awake for one long period all day and the rest has been brief periods of being alert followed by another nap. Its now the usual nap time and he is resisting my excuses to wake him. Perhaps he's tired because he only went to sleep at 11pm or perhaps he's having a heart crisis. Who knows.

He's also fussy when he nurses about half the time (again, often is when he really wants to sleep and is only a bit hungry) and he seems to be getting red more frequently but it quickly fades.

He has done this before and it passed but then it also turned out to be a problem at last checkup so I have no idea what to do.

I have called our nurse (Jenny) at the Heart Center to see what she thinks. I also want to know what "sweating" means. Does it mean a little damp when he's nursing snuggled up in a blanket or does it mean swesweating like an athlete? Sometimes, if Wren is bundled and I am holding him while he nurses, his forehead is a bit clammy. Again, not every time... but I am just feeling anxious and I wish he was as wide awake and chirpy and nursing with quiet industry.


Okay, she had me check Wren's feet which are lovely and warm and pink which is a good sign. She said that the sleepiness is only a problem if it persists for a few days and the same thing with his nursing behaviour. Other than another echo (scheduled for the 26th February) the only thing that would be diagnostic is a big pressure difference between upper right arm and lower extremity so she suggested we ask our pediatrician to take pressures on Monday or come in and have them do it if I am still worried.

When I asked about sweating she said I would see "beads of sweat" on his nose. Being a bit clammy when he's swaddled and nursing is to be expected because he has to work a bit harder than usual. I have to keep track that he is getting enough fluid - he is definitely managing to do that - and other than that just keep an eye on him for a few more days.

Actually, I never keep my eyes off him long so that doesn't mean much. Still, its reassuring.


Anonymous said...

I think the sweating would be noticeable, when izzy sweated from her heart problem her cloths were swet, her hair was wet. I am glad you called cardio do you feel alittle better after calling them? is your ped open on sat you could stop in for a pressure check with a nurse? I hope he is just busy growing:) Izzy had some days after her surgery where she slept more than I expected but stevens parents where hear still and told me that she is either healing or growing:) so I tried to keep that in my mind when she seemed extra sleepy.

Wyndi and Izzy

Shannon said...

It made me feel a bit better but not hugely. He is a bit redder tonight - and I can't remember if this is redder like before or just the usual redness colored by anxiety.

I will feel a lot better if he is back to normal tomorrow.

Izabell said...

I am hoping he is full of energy in the morning and looking good. I hope you have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Hope today is a better day. Hope to see you on Sunday, but totally understand if you can't make it. Take care. - Josephine

Shannon said...

Josephine, I plan to be there but we shall see how long I can stay. Wren is not always accomodating of my staying in one place.