Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Teletubbie time?

Wren is starting to be alert for longer periods so I figured it was time to break out the Baby Einstein DVD's and tivo up some Teletubbies to entertain him. Okay, I'm kidding, but he is really interested in staring at lights and windows and faces and sometimes obscure things like the designs on the bedroom curtains. He is interested in Frost and sometimes when you are holding him he twists his head as far around as it can go towards a new voice.

This morning we went to the pediatrician for his first real checkup. Basically, Dr Levitt said he is looking great. She listened to his heart and said he still has the murmur (no surprise there), upped his dose of Zantac because of the reflux but didn't put him on Reglan because he is STILL GAINING WEIGHT.

Today he weighed 4.5kg - so even with fluctuation for nursing vs pooping (he pooped right before the weight check) he is doing very well on nursing only.

This is no big surprise for Josh and I as he is nursing very frequently at night and fairly frequently during the day. Dr Levitt thought it might be because he couldn't eat large quantities yet but I think its because he is a greedy little potato like his brother was (and probably would still be if pizza came from the breast).

Other news - he had his second PKU test because there were no records of it being done in hospital. I forgot to ask his weight and head circ so I shall check that our next visit.

He is on the schedule to have his second synergis shot on the 27th of Jan. We are not sure whether it will be done at Children's or whether they will come to our house.

I asked Dr Levitt whether she thought we could travel in May (to Florida) and she said there is no reason for him not to from her perspective since his sats were good and he is stable BUT we should ask our cardiologist for the final word as he knows more awhat to expect of Wren's heart condition.

He's yelling now so I have to swallow this mouthful and run.

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