Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mystery gift?

So, I received a mystery gift in the mail. I am not sure whether it is supposed to be a mystery... but it has no card or info on the sender. Josh says its pretty certain NOT to be a gift from the Social Security Administration so if you know more, fess up!

I am wearing it all the time. Its lovely and "kyoot" as Frost would write. I feel happy.

The mystery gift unveiled


Tamsyn said...

:-) So the designer forgot to include the card?! Not a mystery, just a "welcome to the world of 40" prezzie. There was supposed to be a message with it! Can't remember exactly, but something to the effect of wishing you a very happy birthday, and hoping you and Josh and Frost and Wren will be able to make a therapeutic trip to Geneva one day.

Glad you like it.
love, Tam

Shannon said...

Thanks Tam
Its really lovely. I scoured the packaging for any info but found only the designers card!

I must say my 40th was a bit overshadowed by current events but now I have one more thing to show for it.

I should ask this in an email... when are you leaving for Geneva? (I would love to travel again but not before Wren sleeps through the night a bit. We travelled to the UK and Scandinavia when Frost was about 10 months old and it was a nightmare of sleep deprivation for all concerned. It got so bad that we had guests in neighbouring rooms at the Inn in Chester hammering on the walls to keep the noise down).