Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some sleep, more ounces

Wren slept a bit better last night. After an hour of fussing and yelling he fell asleep at 11.30pm and slept for 2 hours, nursed then slept ANOTHER 2 hours before doing the hourly thing until 8am! I am much more rested.

We put him in the wedge when I could remain awake and that may have helped him (although he has slept really well flat too).

Other good news comes from a visit to Sari G our naturopath. She met Wren this morning and we weighed him in her office. He weighs 11 lbs 7 oz - up from 9lbs 10.5oz 10 days ago. The only reason that could be bad is if its fluid retention but he doesn't have any signs of this like he did before.

I am cautiously optimistic for our appointment on Monday.

Frost's cough is no worse and Sari said his chest is clear and its all in his upper airways. His tonsils are a bit swollen but not infected so we hope he will get over this soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shannon,
Good things are going well! He looks so beautiful
love David