Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pediatrician update

I spoke with the on-call pediatrician about our bottle problems vs tube and weight gain. I proposed we breastfeed mainly this weekend and keep trying the occasional bottle then come in for a weight-check and he thought this was a good idea. He asked that we keep track of wet diapers and poops to make sure Wren was getting enough breastmilk.

If weight-gain is okay on Monday we will keep just nursing till our first normal pediatrician appointment that Friday. Otherwise the tube will need to be replaced.

Our appointment is at 11.30am.

Meanwhile, Frost is working hard at being a big brother. He keeps wanting to put the little hospital vibrator under Wren, regale him with song, pulls faces, is setting up a gallery of pictures so Wren can enjoy looking at them and has run off to make something with paper and pens "for Wren". I know it is important to help him find a role and he is very kind and enthusiastic still, it is sometimes hard to channel this energy around a baby when Frost is clearly pining for the day he can play lego with him or show him "how to climb up to the fort".

Nonetheless Frost is encouraged. This afternoon Frost looked searchingly at Wren while he was being changed and announced "he is getting really big!"

I sure hope so.

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Izabell said...

we will pray for a healthy weight gain. Your doing a great job helping him. I hope that he does well and then maybe you won't have to pump, that takes so much time and energy when you are already drained. Your son sounds so sweet and full of energy:) If only you ccould bottle some of that up for you (and a little for me:) have a good weekend