Tuesday, January 2, 2007

ng tube confusion

Well, it seems we have been disposing of our pump-kits every feed instead of every 24 hours so we have almost run out! The pump-feed kits include a bag, lots of tubing and little valve kit. It doesn't look disposable. Anyway, we checked our discharge instructions and it says dispose bag every 3 hours but on the bag is says replace every 24 hours.

When I noticed we had only 4 left (for 5 feeds every 24 hours) I called the 24 hour help line and the trainer was most apologetic for her mistake. Apparently we should have been keeping these things for 24 hours in the fridge. Ack. Now we are short of supplies and have to have them air-freighted to us.

I am glad the error was in the pump plastic stuff and not in medicine dosage but it is a bit alarming.

Meanwhile, we had a good night. Wren was awake from 2am - 3am and managed to need three consecutive diaper changes before I could put him down but after that I managed to stay in bed until 7.30am which was splendid.

Frost stayed up till 12.30am with Josh but didn't see any fireworks. Despite his new year revels he was up at 8.30am and isn't showing signs of wear just yet.


Heather (hnsullivan) said...

Hey Shannon,

Just wanted to say how happy I am that Wren is home and doing well!

You and your family...and, of course, Wren are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

what kind of bag to you need we have some unopened ones fron izzy two differnt kinds wyndilee@yahoo.com
wyndi and izzy

Izabell said...

we have to go to childrens for an apt on the 2nd (afternoon) if you need some we can meet up. Izabell has some i think kangaroo feeding ones a box full (like in the hospital floor) and also some Enternalite Infinity bags (12 maybe) they are clear with a teal lid 500ml fit into a backbak travel system she is no longer ng and we have no need for any of the bags so if you need them or want them you can have them with out worrys. I exploded some when izzy was on ng feedings, and I was getting the air out so extra never hurt:) talk about messy! 5oo ml of b milk and fourmula everywhere!

Shannon said...

Thanks Heather
I don't post much on our board but I am reading posts at least once a day and waiting for news from those I know.

Thanks for checking up on us... I hope to be able to keep posting good news!

Wyndi - I have emailed about the bags. Its good to know someone else has been through this and doesn't need them anymore!