Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Home help nurse visit

We had our first nurse practitioner home-help visit this morning. It was a bit chaotic. At the time she arrived he was mid ng-feed, had just had meds, we due for dressing change, diaper change and then the nurse wanted to listen to his heart/lungs and get a temp.

By the end of it Wren was yelling and tubes were trailing, the table we do dressing change on is in a corner and has dim light and there were three of us trying to squeeze in to see what was going on (Josh with the forceps, me with the binkie and the nurse with a clipboard).

I think we passed and she had some suggestions to streamline operations. It is so much harder to do scheduled administered feeds than simply responding to his needs via breastfeeding. Honestly, I don't know if I could do bottle feeding if I wanted to. There is just so much washing and prepping one girl can do!

Days are passing in a blur of feedings, meds, trying not to ignore Frost and simply pacing myself for the next required activity. As soon as I sit down Wren is awake again... I am typing this as my lunch microwaves but I can hear him gurgling so odds are I will have to soothe him and will forget to eat lunch till a few hours pass. I don't mean to, but that is about how long it takes to have another empty moment.

Meanwhile, the weather is a wonderful combination of wind and rain that is blowing all the extra Christmas garbage around our neighbourhood. Car lights reflect in puddles and Frost had a fun time this morning "showering" in the overflow from the guttering (soaking his raincoat and boots). He also had a "test cook" in which he threw together baking ingredients in a fairly random way and "made Frost's special chocolate Chip cookies". The recipe is available to all who want it, he says.

Josh is back at work today for the first time since Wren was born. He says his whole day will be taken up responding to email. That sounds delightful!

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