Wednesday, December 27, 2006

World of Warcraft

Josh has gone in to sleep the night in the room (aka play World of Warcraft all night.) He swears he lets his guy die if Wren wakes up but I am not entirely convinced of his immediate priorities.

Unlike ICU where there were always nurses on hand, Wren is in a room on his own some distance from the nursing station so it really breaks your heart leaving him there. He's so small and I doubt they would hear his little bleats when he loses his binky.

I am also entertaining disturbing fantasies in which someone steals Wren. When I come in at 5am I sneak along pretending I am a thieving villain and hope that someone sees me. So far, I have not been spotted on many occasions. I am hoping there is some high-tech covert surveillance system that would prevent me making off with Wren but so far I have only been asked for my little cardboard "parent ID" a couple of times.

Then again, who steals a baby from the surgery ward?

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