Thursday, November 19, 2015

When are we going back to Humanity?

"When are we going back to humanity?” asks Wren?  

Apparently this bush lodge is not humanity at all despite having a full bathroom in our room, partial electricity and lovely walkways through the bush.  The lack of fence, dull lighting, unfenced accommodation, large insects, beasts moving around at night and lack of other people make Wren feel that we have left civilisation. I am looking forward to taking him to the Okavango sometime when he is 12.

“Hilltop Camp is half humanity” he says.  Being right out of the Game Reserve is full humanity.

Tonight we head for half-humanity.

"Humanity is the human race. In the game reserve there are too many animals and that does not feel nice.  Animals could prey on you at any moment.  The moths pester you.  Ideal humanity is where I live in Seattle. I mean, I do like the game reserve but only when I am in the car."

This insect infestation contributes to lack of Humanity.
These are flying ants which were mating on Wren's dinner plate.
This is zebra. Does it make you afraid? It is not humanity.
We have been driving around for 4 days hoping to see an animal for which
we could be prey. We did not find one. (Wren: "but it could eat us so its not Humanity")