Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 5: Munyaweni - Baboon Spider

Wren is afraid of spiders but also fascinated by them.  Hearing that there were bats and a Baboon Spider in Lanny and Pete's cabin, he wanted to go and see them.  He prepared to enter with his wooden panga in one hand and his pangolin carving in the other.

We did not see the baboon spider.  Wren said "Knowing there is a baboon spider but I do not know where it is is EVEN WORSE than seeing a baboon spider."

He thought a bit then added: "Or you could say, if you don't know its there its not really there. So I am okay".

Lanny took a picture of it which she will share.  For now, here is the Baboon Spider Atlas and I trust that if you want to see it you google Harpactira Baboon Spider for a picture.

Preparing to enter the Baboon Spider Zone with panga raised. 
Playing Disc World afterwards

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nautilus said...

i am looking every day for an update. My friends (easton etc) have so enjoyed your blog. Please keep it up! love MUM