Friday, January 2, 2015

Thanksgiving break

Thanksgiving is a month past but I left this post in DRAFT mode.  Here it is to catch up family who asked what we did on this holiday.

1) I baked a pie.

2) I baked another pie.

3) Frost made cranberry sauce and was splattered in the face with burning sugar-berries during the filming of this shot.

4) The leaves turned golden overnight.

5) I baked a vegan Quorn roast with cranberry stuffing.

6) Frost printed out our Dinner Menu.

7) I set the table in the living room.

8) We ate dinner.

9) We collapsed afterwards and Josh played PS4 while the boys watched.

9) A few days later there was SNOW!

9) We went for a walk to the coffee shop.

10) Beezle got cold feet waiting outside.

11) Wren got so cold that he made a blanket tent over the vent and stayed there a long time reading and playing iPad.  He has made many similar blanket saunas since then. 

12) On Black Friday sales I bought a Bosu Ball which Wren used to launch himself through the air.  The family joined in becoming obstacles to challenge his ability to remain airborne over long distances.


Anonymous said...

loved the whole story. well done - and stunning menu from Frost. Love MUM

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA the jump in slo-mo