Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day 5 at New School(s)

Wren says:  "School is getting a tiny bit better.  I am getting more used to lunch and I know more.  I am still worried at lunch but I know that every single time in lunch my teacher always comes eventually even if he is the second to last teacher to come.  Yesterday, the third graders were already in the room which was stressful for me, really really stressful! BUT eventually he came."

"Today is probably going to be worse because I am going to ride the bus to school and it might be late or lost or you (Mum) might not find the bus and I might not see you when we arrive."

Although Wren reports dire things, he is doing well.  We had a fabulous pick up time yesterday.  Wren was happy, said he had a great day, went to recess and back with no problem.  He was very happy because Mr Burke came to his classroom and helped them out to recess and stayed there.  I had asked the counselor to keep an eye on Wren today and Wren really appreciated that he was there.

After school, Wren said he has 4 friends.  He asked to stay at school and play with R and I met R's dad, Mr Z. Mr Z is an ex-Marine who was in the middle-east.  He is a badass bike rider and his wife is a computer engineer with a masters in Math and they lived in a Japan for a few years so they like... well... Japanese things.

Anyway, Wren and R are now FRIENDS.

He says that he is also friends with G and Anon (a brutish child whom I took a dislike to because he kept throwing his lunchbox at a small girl during the lunch I visited.  When the principal told him to stop he did, momentarily, and the resume throwing his lunchbox at the smaller girl).

Wren dislikes another boy whom he called "an angry boy" who stamped on a stuffed beanbag unicorn at gym in a fit of rage, twisted it up in his hands and shouted "NO".  It was not his unicorn and the unicorn's owner was sad.  Wren was sad too.   The Angry Boy also came up to wren at break and asked him if he wanted to fight.  Wren says he said "nah" and went another way.  This child is in another classroom.  I told Wren that some kids have trouble at school and some kids have trouble at home and perhaps that kid has trouble at home too.  Wren is planning "to say No to whatever he says and just walk away" if he sees him again.

Anyway, all went well.  Wren is riding the bus today for the first time with the neighbor and I will meet the bus at school to welcome him.  He said he was looking forward to it yesterday, by nightfall he was fearing it and by morning he was planning for various Worst Case Survival Scenarios.

Frost is fine.  He is still doing PE instead of Com Sci or Drama or TA.


Anonymous said...

thanks Shannon, Please give updates - its a BIG time in Wren's life. MUM

Shannon said...

I shall try and update regularly. Today went fine. The bus was long - 45 minutes for a 10 minute drive. So not sure how often we will do it.

Sasha Botos said...

Love this. :)