Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wren learned to boogie board a little

Evening swim.
I bought Frost one of those cheap styrofoam boogie boards at the supermarket and he has been enjoyed bouncing around on it.  There are not really big waves here, behind the protection of the barrier reef, but as the beach banks down sharply they rise up a bit just at the shore.

Wren asked for a turn and practiced riding the small foamy waves up the beach.  Since he cannot swim he was closely watched and since he hates salt water in his eyes he would run up the beach each time water splashed his face.  Still, as he had more fun riding the water-in-eyes were less of a drama for him.

Here we are swimming in the later afternoon before the most amazing sunset. You can see a cruise ship heading out after a day moored off Grand Cayman.  Frost is in the deep water where he cannot stand - there is an abrupt shelf off the beach that plunges a few feet.  We bough tWren a snorkeling life jacket today so that he can play more safely without me having to be on high alert for the shelf.

Wren is watching for a wave.  Really, there were some waves!
Wren catches a wave!

Talking all the time about being "level 1" now and how he caught it and
what he was thinking and how this was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

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