Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Rainy Day

Rain squalls obscure the horizon - from our deck battened down for rain.
Today was our last day at our perfect Nautilus vacation home.  Tomorrow, we move to the heart of 7 mile beach hotel district for two nights.  The idea is to have a place with a pool for a while but I am feeling deep regret that we didn't just choose to stay here the whole time.  It is so bloody perfect and I am full of dread at having all four of us in a studio apartment (aka, one big room).

Although it rained, Frost and I went snorkeling from our house to the public beach.  We saw many fish on our swim and also found a small toy turtle on the bottom of the sea.  Although it was raining, the visibility was incredible.  Far better than it was earlier in the week when the sand was churned up making the near-shore water milky.  While we swam a magnificent frigatebird rode the currents overhead, its long tail feathers pressed together.

Heritage Kitchen for lunch.
For lunch, I ate coconut grouper at the Heritage Kitchen beach shack which sells local reef fish caribbean style.  After serving my fish and Wren's soda, the chef and her friends sat at another table under the coconut fronded shelter and played a card game while smoking cigarettes.  The rain washed over the sea and gave it a smoothed out appearance.  In the distance, beyond the lee of the houses and palms on the shore - the water was rippled by wind but we were perfectly protected.

Coconut Grouper with a fritter and salad.  The coconut was delicious over
fried onions.
I went for another evening snorkel and found a nice sized conch shell with lovely pink color.

The sea off the deck has fabulous fish.  We saw a porcupine fish just off the rocks.
Snorkeling off the deck - the conch shell.

Frost and I went on a reconnoitre to see what our 7-mile beach accommodation is nice.  The building seems fine (aka Best Western style) and the pool has a hot tub, but the beach was rough and tiny and a 1/10 compared to where we are now.  I am much happier off "the strip".  We are going to have to get out and about.  Frost is interested in the waves - thinking he can boogie board.

A part of our fish list:
Blue Tang
Ocean surgeonfish
Yellow damselfish
Saergent major
Harlequin Bass
Lantern Bass
Smallmouth grunts (schools)
Flat needlefish
Slippery Dick
Clown Wrasse
Porcupine Fish
Southern Stingray

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