Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mossman Gorge

This morning rain rolled off the sea over the coastal rainforest.  There was a small area of alternating clear and overcast sky over Port Douglas but inland and up north low skies hung over the green hills and the sugar cane fields.

An early morning walk along 4-mile beach under grey skies.
Frost still had a swim.

After an early morning walk, we took a drive up to Mossman Gorge in the Daintree National Park - a beautiful rainforest area in the hills above Mossman where a few crystal creeks roll into the jade green Mossman River.

On June 22nd , 2012, a new visitor center opened and you now park your car at the Mossman Gorge Center, pay for an 'eco-shuttle' ride and wait for the bus.  There is a lovely cafe - Mayi Cafe - at the visitors center and you can watch birds from under the wide eaves of the open air cafe seating.

The boys, Mum and I walked the 3km circuit through the rainforest looking at huge buttressed trees, lawyer vines and odd tropical fruit.  There were few birds visible in the rainforest - Mervyn saw more on the forest margins - and although Frost considered swimming on the way in he decided not to on the way out!

Frost overlooking the Mossman river.  Large fish loitered by the beach
expecting treats from tourists.

Wren, wearing his new koala hat, at the Mossman Swimming pool.
We drove North as far as the Daintree River ferry to Cape Tribulation but had had long enough in the car and returned home.  We bought a ripe black sopote from a farm store and will have it for desert.

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