Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is a Governor?

Wren and I have been having interesting conversations recently.  Driving home from the hardware store, where we went to buy fence-posts for a low railing around our patio, Wren asked me "Mom, what is the Governor?"  

I didn't know where to start.

"Well, you know how there is a President?"
"Well, the President is like the organiser for a country but the governor is the organizer for this state, for Washington where you live."
"So, the Governor, like, owns this State?"
"No, the Governor has the job to make sure that things work in the State."
"So, they like own the State but DO NOT OWN IT?"
"No, they really don't own it."
"The world is divided up into countries and..."
"How do they know where to draw the lines?"
"Well, they don't really.  The lines are just where people had lived and fought to make their own place or their own home. Like when you and August made a fort in the bedroom and you said that your Base.  People did that and they fight about who lives in a place and what its called.  They are still arguing about where the lines are."
"So, the Governor is like a MAYOR or a KING"
"Not exactly.   Mayor has the job of organizing the City, to make sure everything works for people who live here and there aren't many kings any more in our area."
"There are no kings in our area, the kings are in Villages, I guess."


Wren:  "But who is the boss of the whole world?"
"For Humans, there isn't one boss.  Except maybe God would be the Boss of the Whole World.  Anyway, birds might have a boss or Fish or something but not humans."
"But there are many Gods Too so there is no BOSS because there are many gods."

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Anonymous said...

Love it! this are special conversations and its wonderful that you can record them! love MUM