Friday, February 3, 2012

The iPad and Tylenol cure.

Wren woke early this morning and called out "Mom, mom?"

"Yeeees" I called back, from bed.

"Mom"  he called, his voice wavering "my neck feels funny."

"Come and show me" I called back, causing baby dog (aka Beezle) to come out from under the heavy covers to see what was wrong.

Wren plodded into the dark room dragging his sleeping companions - soft shirt and big bunny.  I felt his neck in the dark.

"Is it sore here?"


"Is it sore when you swallow?"

"I haven't SWALLOWED ANYTHING today."

"Okay, swallow this water."

He sipped some of my bedside water and told me it was not sore but still felt funny.

"I have a square bubble that is thick in my neck," he explained.

I inferred from feeling his glands that his throat is a bit swollen and sore and he has a fever.   I have to do two school tours today so Josh will work a half day and do morning patient care.   Wren is doing well on a diet of iPad and Tylenol.  I am touring middle school with Frost.

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