Friday, January 20, 2012

Slush, snow, freezing rain

I need to enhance my vocabulary for snow.   SNOW doesn't really do justice to the nuances of white stuff that we've enjoyed in Seattle over the past 4 days.   Seattle doesn't do well with snow.  I mean, sure, we love it but normal routines stop:  schools close, many people don't make it in to office jobs and my bank declared "rolling closure due to unseasonal weather conditions."    In Seattle's defence, our city IS hilly and we don't get snow much so things are designed for it.  I followed a snow plow along a major arterial yesterday and it was the first plowed road I had seen!

Following a snowplowed route at Northgate!
 This morning, I woke to the sound of snow falling like 'pic, pic, pic' sounds and thought it might be hail.  It wasn't.  It was tiny pellets of slushy rain that made my fleece wet immediately and, according to the NWSwe are in an ice storm.

I noticed it last night when I woke.  Snow makes the night quite  brilliant, especially if you have a moon or city lights.    From the gray snow-lighted uncurtained windows, I didn't need lights to walk around the house but when I looked at the trees the branches were all shiny, covered with ice.

Our street yesterday

The boys walk home after sledding.

 Although we were scheduled for a thaw today, the conditions are still the same.  Snow is falling and as I look out the window all the cars in our street are covered in 3-4 inches of snow.  Nobody is driving past but a family - a father and two tiny children - just slid by in an ungainly practice on cross-country skis.

The weather does bring out it's share of crazies.  Although the sidewalks are fine to walk, I have seen people snowshoeing to the coffee shop.  Yesterday afternoon we had some guys on quad bikes roaring around the snowy hills and we had to pull Wren off the sled to let them pass. 

Ice rain is very cold

Wren hated walking in the snow because it got in his
face and his hood was missing.  He had to sit backwards
in the sled

Frost loved sledding and had a sleepover at
a friend's house. He is hoping to sled Gasworks Park
this morning.

In the late afternoon, Wren and I made a snow fort
which he used "as a weapons' stand" for a
snowball fight.

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