Monday, January 16, 2012

Big Snow (for Seattle)

Japanese Maple in our front yard

My family in the sub-tropics thinks of Seattle as a zone of evergreens and snowy vistas.  My family in the mid-west think we are all about rain.  The truth is that Seattle has some clear but non-traditional seasons known only to those who live here.  They are:

Blazing heat and Drought Season:  August
Thank god its started raining / Oh god I am so depressed the summer ended Season (Fall):  Sept-Nov
Its dark and cold but its never going to snow Season:  December -February
The one day of snow season:  One day in December or January
Lets-go-Someplace-Sunny Season (when everyone leaves town):  Feb-April
Sort-of-Spring-maybe:  May-June
Sort-of-Summer-maybe:  July

Today is Seattle's "Annual Day of Snow" season.   Everyone is happy that it is on a weekend and they don't have to go to work and even happier that it will continue to snow tomorrow and be a public holiday as well.   The kids are thrilled its going to continue for a few more days.  They are all hoping that we will get more than the inch now on the ground so they can go sledding.

The arsenal of snowballs to hit Fred
Frost and Alex

This evening the boys made 150 snowballs in hope of hitting Fred.  Fred has a reputation for being a formidable target but this evening was ill-prepared with only a cashmere sweater to mark the hits.

Alexander has a frighteningly good throw which is more dangerous when the snowballs have solidified into ice-rocks.

Wren said "Do not throw any snowballs at me!"  then threw them at everyone.

Beezle went for a snow walk but since that time has hidden from me.  I suspect he is eating raw meat in my bed.  The thing with the raw food for dogs theory is that dogs take their kills to the den and the den is often something plush that should not have raw meat on it.

But that is a story for another day. 

Wren on the Snow Beezle we made in the yard

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