Thursday, December 22, 2011

Badass Poser

Every now and again the boys turn the music on loud and "do a dance party."

Other times, Wren suddenly decides to dress "like a bad dude."

This was one of those moments.  Music and badass.  It was the first time Wren totally dressed himself (jeans over his pajamas, bling and flip flops).  He is wearing the dragon shirt he received as a birthday present.  Perhaps it was the shirt that inspired the badassness.

Wren:  See, I am a bad guy.
Josh: Well, you should try holding your gun like this then and
let me help you do up your pants.

Wren:  I hold it like this?
Josh:  Yes.  And who made your hat?
Wren:  Mom made it.  Its Mom's hat.
Wren:  Wait, wait.  I have one more.  How does this one look? 
Did you get that one?  Let me see!

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