Sunday, October 9, 2011

A date with my yeast

You know how us mothers always do things for the kids?  Well, its screwing with my mind.  I am starting to have flashbacks of singlehood in which I have the luxury of melancholy, keep quiet for hours and I listen to music of my own choice
.....[without explaining "What is major Tom DOING?" ]

....[without anyone asking if it is a Dance Party / saying you are giving me a HEADACHE / or doing crazy and barking or hiding]

and I think about actually doing something I want to do in spare time rather than just consume entertainment to chill out. 

I have been trying to draw and paint but while I have been able to do technical practice drawings with Wren, its hard to connect with yourself and CREATE while having a loud and demanding relationship with a persistent and intense 4 year old.  When I try and connect with my inner image all I see is myself vanishing into a dark wood transforming into a wolf and leaving them all behind.  I think this is the middle-class equivalent of a child raised by wolves - a mother lost to the wolves in the throes of a vision quest.

So, tomorrow I am doing something for myself, with my yeast, the wild yeast I enticed to grow in a rather disgusting looking culture that has sat on our countertop for the best part of 3 weeks being fed every day or so and frothing productively.

I have a baking stone and am planning on trying to make the sourdough loaf from the Macrina Cookbook. 

As with all blind dates, this might end badly but so what?  Hey?  I have been so busy that I haven't even been mushrooming in the mountains yet and its almost the second week of October.  What is that about?  

Anyway, this morning Wren was thrilled to find a packet of Frosted Flakes that had been overlooked after a summer camping trip.  He had the bowl in front of him but no spoon and demanded one.  I gave him a clean spoon and in his joy he sang:

“I got a beautiful new shiny spoon that glimmers in the sunshine!”

I hope he feels a similar rapture at my yeast-risen bread.

Beezle is chewing on the furniture "TSSST" says Josh.  "Don't eat this desk! Don't do it."  Beezle stares at him lovingly until his attention wavers and he starts to chew the desk again.

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